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Bradley Thompson - Be psychic courseBradley Thompson – Be psychic course

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What Do You Get With The Be-Psychic Course?

If you’ve ever read a book on psychic development, you’ll know one thing.

Most of the guides I read during my research contain a lot of “FLUFF”.

Well, let’s get one thing VERY clear. I do NOT believe in wasting your time.

I’ll share information that enabled me to develop my sixth sense.

Be Psychic! consists of THREE SEPARATE VOLUMES – each crammed with over 90 pages of secrets. You’ll receive an honest low-down on POWERwhat we call ‘psychic power’. From intuition to mind reading, from Astral Travel to healing, from spirits to crystal balls, from auras to numerology.

Is it SAFE? Does it REALLY WORK? Will it BENEFIT me? HOW can I use it?

I give you the HONEST answers based on many years of research into the subject.

You Can Also, Discover ResearchWhy the CIA Spent Millions on Developing Psychic Powers –
And How to Benefit From That Research.

Did you know that the US Government and the Standard Research Institute have independently proven that “remote viewing” is a genuine psychic talent?

It’s true.

The CIA pumped millions of dollars into research during Project Scanate, Project Grill Flame, Operation Sun Streak and Operation Stargate. When these files were recently declassified, they showed the proven success of remote viewers – and how their findings of Russian military targets were verified by satellite imagery years later.

It’s immediately verifiable – just do a Google search.

And thanks to research conducted by both the USA and Russian governments, you can benefit from their knowledgewithin the pages of The Be-Psychic Course

BUT WAIT! Here’s Something Extra…




Why? Because I’m going to tell you all about the five FANTASTIC bonuses I’m going to send your way if you decide to try out my new “Be Psychic!” course today.

Order today, and I’ll ALSO send you:

Psychic Training And Hypnosis

TWO FREE Hypnosis Sessions – RRP $25.90.

ESP And Mind Power

FREE Advanced Memory Course – $29.95.

ESP And Intuition

FREE “How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone!” – RRP $49.95.

Use Psychic Powers For Life

FREE 404 Self Improvement Tips – RRP $14.95.

Subliminal Psychic Development

FREE Subliminal Power Suggestions File – RRP $9.95.

Interested? Review EXACTLY What You’ll Receive When You Decide to Trial this Course!

Just to recap, here’s EXACTLY what you’ll receive when you order the entire “Be Psychic!” course:

Be Psychic, Guaranteed

AMAZING Books One, Two & Three of “BE PSYCHIC!” – RRP $285. The entire course series. Each book is around 90 pages in length, and is distributed in electronic format.

Intuition And ESP

FREE 14 BONUS AUDIO TRACKS – RRP $89.95. THREE audio exercises to complement each of the “Be Psychic!” books.

Your Psychic Potential

FREE SOFTWARE TOOLS – RRP $149.95. Enjoy FULL versions of the Color Wheel, the Intuition Machine, the Meditation Station and the Visualization Station.

Free Psychic Tools

FREE Bonus Gifts – RRP $130.70. Enjoy two free hypnosis sessions from; the Advanced Memory Course; “How to Get the Truth Out of Anyone!”; 404 Self Improvement Tips; and, the Subliminal Power suggestions file designed exclusively for the “Be Psychic!” course.


Free Be Psychic Support

FREE Lifetime Support – RRP $299.95. If you ever need support, we’ll always be here for you. That’s our total customer promise. Whether you have questions on the course or need guidance on your psychic development, our team is here around the clock to help you out. Guaranteed!

That’s OVER $1000 of material and FREE bonus gifts. And we’ll send it all to you for the staggeringly LOW price of just… $99.95.

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