Ben Akins – How to Build Your Own Weekly Show Service

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Ben Akins - How to Build Your Own Weekly Show ServiceBen Akins – How to Build Your Own Weekly Show Service

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What you’re Learn Inside:

  • Part 1: The Complete “Weekly Show” Model Explained: Learn how to charge $1000+/month and deliver big results.
  • Part 2: How to get “Weekly Show” Clients: Learn how to identify the ideal “weekly show” clients and how to approach them.
  • Part 3: How to Map your Client’s Show Content in Advance: The secret to success with this model is planning ahead before you go shoot the content. In this section, you’ll learn the secrets to doing it right.
  • Part 4: Shooting and Editing your Client’s Weekly Show: Learn how to shoot and edit everything in just a day a month.
  • Part 5: Pushing it Live and Promoting the Weekly Show: Learn exactly how to push the show live weekly and promote it successfully.

[Advanced Only] Retargeting Show Secrets: I’ll walk you through how to Crush it with Retargeting and your Client’s Weekly Show.

[Advanced Only] Advanced Video Content Secrets: I’l show you How to Create Video Content that Attracts new Customers and gets people sharing your clients content with their friends.

[Advanced Only] Smartphone Video Hacks: I’ll walk you through a few Simple Hacks to make your Videos Appear Higher Quality (and make your clients look even smarter).

[Advanced Only] My “Pro Quality Video Setup”: I’ll walk you through what you should buy when you’re ready to upgrade your video rig (and how I make more money per client because of this).

[Advanced Only] Upgrading your “Weekly Show” Fee: How to turn a weekly show client into a $50k/year client.