Bas Rutten – Extreme Pancrase 10 VoL Set

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Product Include : 10 VHSs – Rip
Product Size : 6 GB
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Bas Rutten - Extreme Pancrase 10 VoL SetBas Rutten – Extreme Pancrase 10 VoL Set

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Before there was Bas Rutten’s BIG DVDs of Combat or even the Big Books of Combat there were these. Rutten shows the techniques that made him famous. Of course everything is broken down in the confines Pancrase (Hybrid Wrestling) rules for the most part. Bas is an excellent teacher and is able to explain, express as well as demonstrate all his winning moves.

  • Vol 1: Stances, Footwork, Blocks, Stand up Kicks and Punches
  • Vol 2: Stand up Striking Combinations, Clinching, & Ground Striking Techniques
  • Vol 3: Leg Locks, & Heel Hooks Vol 1
  • Vol 4: Leg Locks, & Heel Hooks Vol 2
  • Vol 5: Chokes & Neck Cranks
  • Vol 6: Arm Locks, Arm Bars, & Shoulder Locks
  • Vol 7: Groundfighting Reversals & Escapes
  • Vol 8: Takedowns, Set Ups, & Submission Ground Fighting Combinations
  • Vol 9: Fighting Fitness Workout Routine
  • Vol 10: Bas Rutten in Action

Great older DVD/Video series by the former MMA champ! Many moves shown not only several times but in slow motion. Moves Bas invented himself,some never were probably seen before. Recommended!

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