Arman Assadi (Foundr) – 7-Figure Copywriting

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Arman Assadi (Foundr) – 7-Figure Copywriting. A contempo philosopher, serial founder, former Googler, co-founder & CEO of Project Evo—Arman Assadi has always been obsessed with empowering others to get results

Arman Assadi (Foundr) – 7-Figure Copywriting

Meet your instructor: Arman Assadi
A contempo philosopher, serial founder, former Googler, co-founder & CEO of Project Evo—Arman Assadi has always been obsessed with empowering others to get results. He helps people uncover their unique craft and create self-directed lives, he has also been the chief strategist behind 10 different 7-figure product launches and worked with influential thought leaders like Neil Patel,Lewis Howes, Jason Silva, Timothy Sykes, Gerard Adams, and more. Chances are if you’ve read through the copy on their pages, it was written by Arman.Additionally, companies like IBM, T-Mobile, PayPal, Century 21,, and have implemented Arman’s educational programs.

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About the course
This step-by-step course is packed with easy-to-follow frameworks, creative exercises, and proven techniques that have been applied by Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, celebrity thought leaders, and New York Times bestselling authors with tens of millions of dollars generated. Arman has harnessed the power of authentic, sales-driven copy to successfully execute multi-million-dollar launches, and fuel every touchpoint of his businesses. Now, he’s going to show you exactly how you can do the same.

What to expect
Arman brings a unique blend of technical prowess and real-world experience to this course with an ability to easily communicate his framework to his students. He boils his strategies down into actionable, easy-to-digest exercises and examples that any entrepreneur and business owner can follow and apply to get massive results.Each lesson comes with:
• A bite-sized Video
• Action Items
• A Corresponding Workbook
• Tools & Resources

Who this course is for?
This course caters to the busy entrepreneur who wants a simplified framework for crafting killer copy that speaks authentically and connects with prospects, you’ll find easy-to-follow frameworks that virtually any founder in any industry can follow and apply immediately, it’s catered to the very goals of the business owners.

“I’ve worked with a lot of copywriters and nothing converts as well as Arman’s copy. I’ve never worked with someone whose copy is so authentic.”

How to get the most from the course?
In order to maximize your result to ultimately write copy that sells, we strongly recommend you to:
• Mark your calendar to block out a daily slot for at least 1 hour to fully commit to learning. Remember, success is a habit.
• Watch every video, take lots of notes, do the workbook exercises, check out the tools and resources provided.
• Most importantly— TAKE ACTION, and leverage the Foundr community via the Facebook Group to help you on your journey as you grow your business.
We’re all here for each other. And that’s why we made this course. To give you the exact tools and provenframeworks you need to write masterful copy that converts and sells – authentically.
We wish you a very rewarding and transformational learning journey. Cheers to your success, Arman and the Foundr Team

Course objectives
By the end of the course, you should have:
• A proven, step-by-step copy framework that has generated tens of millions of dollars for my clients and my own business. No fluff. No gurus. No bullshit. This system has worked time and time again, and I’m going to share with you all my copywriting secrets.
• Copy templates, formulas, swipe files — all the ammunition and inspiration you need to hone your copy skills and easily refer back to as you continue on your entrepreneurial journey.
• Lots of high-converting copy for your business! Throughout the course, you’ll be doing exercises in this workbook and practicing the craft of copywriting. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole suite of copy that you can apply to your website, landing pages, webinars, ads, and more.
• An understanding of good copy vs. bad copy — I’ll be showing you copy examples in each lesson of what works, and what doesn’t work, so you can separate your brand from the pack and carve out your own unique market through the power of the written word.

A deep understanding of your target audience — I’m going to walk you through how to study your dream customer avatar, their pains and fears, and where they want their life to be in the future, so that you can write personalized copy that speaks specifically to your best prospects.

The confidence you need to write in your own authentic brand voice — as I mention in the course videos, the “science” (templates) will get you 80% of the way there. The “art” (your creative voice) will complete the circle, and formulate world-class copy that converts, sells, and turns your cold prospects into raving fans. And I’m going to show you how to do both in this course…

An easier and faster way for Entrepreneurs to have World-Class Copy

Meet The Former Google Employee Turned Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur And “Behind-The-Scenes” Copywriter As He…

…Reveals Exactly How To Write Winning Sales Letters, Webinar Scripts, Landing Pages, Emails, And Everything In Between…It’s All Covered Here In-Depth…

The kind where there’s an obvious disconnect between how the business wanted to communicate and how they’re actuallycoming across? Not engaging, connecting, or building any sort of relationship with their copy…

Sometimes even hurting themselves instead of helping?

The Way Most People Are Using Copy Isn’t Working Anymore Or, more accurately put…

It’s getting IGNORED.

And if there’s a cardinal sin in marketing, getting ignored is right there atop the list.

The reason why this is happening is simple really…

The world has unquestionably become more connected than ever before. Every niche, industry, and marketplace imaginable has now seen countless marketers showing up using the same worn out, hyped up, and gimmicky copy style.

Heck, many of them actually are using the SAME exact copy. Word for word.

This “old” and “outdated” style of copywriting where everyone sounds like everyone else has become… OVERSATURATED.

As entrepreneurs our sales are directly correlated to the quality of our copy and in whether or not our prospects truly believes we can help them or fulfill on our promises.”

When what someone writes…reads, sounds, and *feels* completely inauthentic.

It’s the dead giveaway posts in certain Facebook groups by “gurus” pitching their products under the disguise of value…

The fake scarcity of only 17 copies of someone’s ebook remaining…

Or when it’s your “lucky day” because they’ve only got room for one more client and they’ve cleared a few minutes to chat with you.

The “Secret Weapon” For Any Entrepreneur

Instead of risking relationships and future sales by writing copy this way…

We believe that every single business owner, no matter the industry, niche, product, or service…has within them their own copywriting secret weapon.

One that (when tapped into):

  •  Has your prospects eager to hear from you and read your messages…
  •  Clearly communicates to people that you come from a place of pure conviction, service, and radical integrity.
  •  Converts strangers into life long and loyal fans. The kind of people that help build a long lasting and strong business, not just another flash-in-the-pan.

From Working At Google To 7-Figure Product Launches

Not long ago, he up and quit his six-figure job at Google, bought a one way ticket to Cuba, and drank Hemingway daiquiris until deciding to become a “solopreneur” with authentic copy as his weapon of choice.

Since then his resume has become like a laundry list of “Who’s Who” of Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, celebrity thought leaders, and New York Time bestselling authors.

The “Copy Problem” With Most Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs are so overwhelmed, short staffed, or just flat out too busy that they don’t have the ability to make their copy really hit home for their customer.

Many of his clients would take a “one size fits all” approach to both writing copy and using it in different mediums.

They didn’t know the CRITICAL DIFFERENCES in copy when writing a landing page, Facebook ad, or video sales letter script.

While they were crystal clear on the transformational power great copy has on any kind of business, their vision was muddy on how exactly to use it to its full potential.

So working together with Foundr’s entire creative team, we’ve created a way for busy business owners to crank out world-class, highly engaging copy for all different types of mediums…

With all the templates, formulas, checklists, and plug-and-play cheat sheets to save hours of time and mental energy…

…with guidance on how to use them in your own unique and authentic voice…

…WITHOUT the years of trial and error Arman’s gone through or having to shell out 4 or 5-figure fees to hire a decent copywriter!

His New 10-Step Framework Leaves You Confidently Cranking Out Any Kind Of Direct Response Copy Without It Feeling Forced, Fake, Or Over Hyped

If you’re aN entrepreneur who writes their own copy, or have a member of your team who could use an immediate upgrade, this is for you…

Get Arman Assadi (Foundr) – 7-Figure Copywriting Course immediately at the fexmall



A 10-step framework for writing authentic copy that connects and converts. 

Includes proven templates, formulas, and in-depth “how to” guides on writing engaging copy for every kind of medium.


Like we mentioned, most markets have become saturated with “hype” driven copy. Prospects read it through a thick lens of skepticism with their “bs” radars sounding off at an all time high. Yet as a entrepreneur your #1 job is still to sell. But now you must do it in a different way in order to succeed.

Inside this course you’re going to “find” your own unique voice. It’s the only training we’ve seen which combines both the science and the art of writing persuasive copy. It’s the same methodology Arman has used to help launch 11 different 7-figure product launches. Your copy will be the kind people look forward to reading.


The moment you dive in you’ll instantly see how different Arman’s style is. It takes the pressure off and shows you why so many end up sounding the same. They’re trying to fit their voice into someone else’s models but doing it the wrong way.

From step-by-step fill in the blank templates, proven formulas, and “cheat sheets” for writing all kinds of different copy, Arman guides you in using them in your own unique way. Because just simply “swiping” or changing a single word will never truly resonate with your customers. And nothings more costly than ineffective copy.

With the material inside this course all of your hard copy guesswork goes away.



In this module you’ll learn the “unconventional” foundation Arman says is responsible for his incredible copy success: Art + Science + Authenticity. Just watching this module one time will forever change the way you view and write your copy.


  • How to find and master writing copy in your own authentic voice in the shortest time possible…
  • The magical blend of the “science” and “art” of truly great copy.
  • #1 most powerful mindset hack you must do before ever writing a single word.


  • Arman’s secret 4-step formula for writing any kind of copy…
  • How to quickly “tweak” any template, swipe, or formula to make it feel authentic.
  • 4 proven templates you can use in any medium, for any product, to any audience…


  • A near foolproof way to speak directly to the heart of your prospects problems without it feeling salesly or manipulative…
  • What the pet industry teaches us for emotionally ‘hooking’ your target audience.
  • How to create an almost foolproof informational product (if you choose).
  • Exhaustive checklist of Arman’s own research process.


  • The one mistake even experienced copywriters make…
  • How to have your prospects saying “it’s like you’re inside my head”…
  • Access to Arman’s closely guarded “Audience Profile Checklist”.
  • Why this “Little Johnny” secret will forever change how you write


  • By far the #1 most important ingredient in writing powerful copy.
  • Why features and benefits alone just aren’t doing it any more…
  • This popular meditation app reveals exactly how to write compelling copy.


  • Words you should and shouldn’t ever use in your copy…
  • How the “F.A.B. Principle” instantly makes your writing deeply personal and engaging.
  • The single best strategy to show your prospect that your company, product, or service is the only one they should even consider…


This module Arman walks you through his 10-step framework for writing compelling copy. From start to finish he shows you everything you need to write any kind of promotion.


  • The easiest way to write winning headlines.
  • How to get attention in a crowded marketplace without sounding “over the top”…
  • How to make big “believable” promises.


  • How to show your prospect that you deeply understand their exact problem.
  • The “ease of use” hack to instantly connecting with your prospects deepest desires…
  • An ancient, thousand year old strategy for setting up your problem and solution.


  • The most powerful kind of result you want to show first…
  • How to use “future casting” to make the benefits feel real, now.
  • What Arman did on Lewis Howes sales letter that you should be using too!


  • How to inject humility into your social proof so you connect with your readers instead of coming off cocky or arrogant.
  • An ingenious strategy for instantly creating new social proof out of thin air…
  • What McDonalds is teaching you everyday about credibility…


  • #1 mistake made in copy when it comes to making the offer…this “erases” all the work you’ve done and makes your prospect feel “put off” by your offer…
  • The real reason “take away selling” is so popular.
  • Secrets of “stacking the deck” which consistently increase conversions.


  • How to use bonuses in the right way where it doesn’t just look like more “fluff”…
  • What Tim Ferris knows about “bonus stacking” that other marketers completely miss.
  • The exact multiple all of your bonuses should add up to.


  • List of “what not to do” when transitioning into your price reveal…
  • How adding a “price story” reduces buying resistance.


  • Arman’s “Takeaway Formula” that’s been split tested and out performed almost any other strategy he’s tried…
  • Something 99% of marketers and business owners completely miss when positioning their offer and how to fix it with one line of copy.


  • How to create an irresistible guarantees which “box in” the reader and compels them to take action…
  • How to reverse all risk without losing your shirt as the business owner.


  • Phrases you can swipe to powerful close almost any promotion you write!


Inside this section is where Arman takes a deep dive into all the nuances of writing copy for different mediums. If you’ve ever wondered how landing page copy differs from sales letter copy, here’s where you’ll find all the answers. With multi-millions in sales data, Arman knows the exact optimization tweaks you should make to see the greatest results.


  • How to change your headline based upon what you’re using it for…
  • Arman’s 10 key tips for improving any headline you write…
  • Little known headline tools that’ll save you huge amounts of time!


  • Do you choose design before copy, or copy before design?
  • The experts “rule of thumb” when determining how long your sales letter should really be…
  • Where to include your call to actions to predictably bump up conversions.


  • A breakdown of the main difference between sales pages vs landing pages…
  • 5 most common mistakes marketers make when writing landing page copy.
  • The most certain way to increase conversions of any landing page…


  • The correct way to script your “vsl” no matter what you’re selling.
  • Fastest hack to cranking out a high quality script…
  • Learn what works as Arman completes a line by line breakdown of a winning video sales letter!


  • When you should use a webinar and when you shouldn’t…
  • The “insider secrets” of webinar writing.
  • 3 “no brainer” ways to quickly map out your entire webinar flow.


Email remains the #1 driver of sales for online businesses. What many others keep closely guarded, Arman is going to reveal with open arms. This module alone will help you start making new sales almost instantly if you use it.


  • The truth behind writing effective subject lines.
  • Exactly how to structure your email and it’s length…
  • How to immediately capitalize on the #1 way to sell nearly any product or service.
  • Detailed strategies to getting outstanding open rates and click-throughs!


  • Why and when it’s important to use an email series instead of just broadcasts.
  • The in-depth differences between “pre-buy” and “post-buy” email strategy.
  • How to make a small fortune using a few secret email copywriting tips…


  • How to create a massive level of engagement with “story arc” email campaigns.
  • The “no-sweat” method to quickly writing captivating stories in your emails.
  • The Hollywood secret of “open loops” and how to use them in your copy to increase open rates.


In this module …


And by joining today you’ll also get instant access to these incredible bonuses!

bonus #1

VALUE $97 value

Free Lifetime Membership of Foundr Magazine

The go-to resource for self-made entrepreneurs all over the world, Foundr Magazine delivers monthly content to help you succeed faster. By joining today you’ll receive a lifetime subscription and access to all past and future issues featuring the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Daymond John, Jessica Livingston, Tim Ferriss, and more.

bonus #2

VALUE $1000 Value 

The 7-Figure Swipe File

Containing ALL of the copy examples Arman shares throughout the course, including 7-figure sales pages for that thought leaders like Neil Patel have used to generate millions of dollars (the live versions of these examples are gated so you can’t see them anywhere else)

bonus #3

VALUE $1000 value 

The 7-Figure Sales Letter Template

Grab the exact sales letter script you will need to start converting your leads into sales, following Arman’s proven, repeatable and most importantly, actionable process. This close-guarded best kept secret can now be yours for free upon your order of the 7 Figure Copywriting course today!

bonus #4

VALUE $100 value 


We’ve put together an incredible workbooks to go along with this jam packed courses. With in-course exercises, and step-by-step actions, you’ll be able to track your progress and see your copy improve right before your eyes!

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